Daily routine in Heaven/Hell depending on what time you ask! 😊

Mammy and Daddy working from home, 3 kids aged 13, 9 and 5 years old



  • The eldest gets herself up and at the books first thing, she’s like me likes to be up and at it early 😊
  • The smaller two are allowed to watch tv and have brekkie while we log on and get some of our work done. Myself and hubby are working from home! This gives us peace in the morning to log on to our own workplaces and get a few bits done.
  • They have until 12pm then they have to be dressed and ready for some schoolwork. I know a lot of parents probably will disagree with this but its what suits us as a family. Its too much trying to get everyone to work at the same time.
  • So hard to keep the 5 year old lady entertained. Mostly into jigsaws, colouring pages, Reading Eggs online, spot the difference etc. I don’t get any more than an hour out of her then she’s back to playing with her barbies and baby dolls….suits me fine! That’s what she’s supposed to be doing at her age, she hasn’t started ‘Big’ school yet
  • The 9 year old boy is an absolute nightmare for getting motivated. Crying and whinging over every piece of work. Will not touch the tin whistle practice (thank God!!), will just about do all the written work. Every item he attempts I am asked “Is this the last thing?”. Keeps getting up from the table to roll on the floor/do a dance/generally mess!!!!!! Killings every single day. I have a new found respect for teachers everywhere 😊


Afternoon activities;


  • We are making “ooblek” today (cornflour/water/food colouring) as our science lesson…..it is both a liquid and a solid so fun to do
  • Baking scones/cookies
  • Making smoothies
  • Making home-made playdoh
  • Going for cycles/walks
  • Papier Mache
  • Trampolining
  • We are eating our way through the crisis thanks to the Daly Dish book!
  • Eldest lady is learning to cook a lot of dishes
  • We play UNO every night …. An ongoing tournament that usually leads to tears and tantrums….and that’s the Daddy!!!



For me;


  • I would be lost without my AYU bits n pieces. Really experimenting with the glamour eyes palette and my fave is the olive green!
  • Loving my Dior face and body cos I can wear a tiny amount and build it up
  • Love my face tan spray as I feel so pale and washed out looking from lack of fresh air, this helps me feel I’ve had a little beach holiday overnight 😊  
  • My eyebrows are crazy but I’m embracing the 80s look and filling them in with powder with my AYU eyebrow brush (pencil has ran out)
  • My hair is in a bad way so I am using my Batiste and Schwarzkopf Soft Dust to add volume each day
  • I’ve also used my Bleach Shampoo as a hair mask to keep the balayage from going brassy
  • Loving my Betty and Biddy colourful hoops that arrived yesterday – I love these and they have brightened up my mood no end!
  • Drinking plenty of wine in the evenings and stuck into Line of Duty which I have been meaning to watch for ages!! (on a side note I then googled AC12 to see if the unit exists and if so could I work there…….pure sign of going a little loco during lockdown!!)
  • We ordered some gorgeous coffee beans from Creed Coffee Roasters for our morning cuppa (it’s the little things)


Just on a side note I know a lot of my mammy friends are finding this very emotional, try and get some time on your own if you can, none of us are used to having the kids around us all the time with no peace, constantly cooking and asking for stuff. I know we love them but it’s hard going. Try and get out for a walk on your own if you can/take a bath/read a book 😊